My music can appeal to everyone as long as there’s a heart beating to set the rhythm…

Luc Blackstone, and the groove is within you.

Luc Blackstone stands out as a unique artist, dedicated to music that bridges America and Europe. If he were a structure, Luc would be a bridge, perhaps a blues bridge, connecting verse to chorus, reminiscent of tunes from the Mississippi Delta, Chicago, or New York. Imagine a setting between megacities and the countryside.

Luc Blackstone bassist blues rock pop funk

Luc Blackstone’s story begins in the Caribbean before continuing in France, specifically the Lyon region. By sheer chance, or driven by an unknown quest for his roots, Luc encounters the greats during an afternoon at a record store: Memphis Slim, Buddy Guy, Muddy Waters, B.B. King…

This initial revelation forms the foundation of his journey as a musician, and later as a singer-songwriter. Numerous other influences will intertwine with this foundational backdrop.
Indeed, Luc’s music is a magical fusion…

The blues rhythmically merges with funk, takes on hues of rock, and dresses in pop. The voice, warm and broad, turns into soul, gospel, and occasionally folk.

“My music can appeal to everyone as long as there’s a heart beating to set the rhythm.”

His musical beginnings are as a bassist, and the unique sensations of this instrument are captivating… discovering the camaraderie with the drums, the strength that binds them, forming the rhythmic section, the very foundation that robustly drives the music.

The path is set, and it will take Luc far from the Lyon region, very far indeed! Across Europe and of course to the United States, the homeland of blues, the blues that runs in his veins and sits at the heart of his music.

Like many artists, Luc will participate in numerous projects, both one-offs and recurring, especially with big names: Zakya Hooker, John Lee Hooker’s daughter, Maurice John Vaughn, B.J Emery, Donald Ray Johnson, Gad Elmaleh, Jack Bon… before launching a solo career, under the sponsorship of American bluesmen he had the privilege of accompanying, and who give him the opportunity to debut his tracks.

In his compositions, Luc redefines traditional codes, not by design, but simply because that’s how he feels and lives it. His music becomes a blend, finely balanced, coming straight from the heart.

Today, the musicians accompanying him elevate the essence of the compositions. It’s a group of top-tier musicians with rich individual journeys.
Manu Rodier, a highly skilled guitarist with an amazing feel, who has notably worked with Patrick Fiori after a stint with David Halliday and others… Manu is also an outstanding singer who has released an album and shares a deep bond with Luc.

Tony Langelotti, the commendable drummer, exudes groove and flawless simplicity. He has played alongside Glasgow, Christopher Lohr, Liane Edwards, Patrick Fiori… The list goes on.

On the keyboard is Fred Adrignola, who cloaks the music with his harmonies and bright atmospheres. He frequently performs with Chimène Badi and has collaborated with Emmanuel Moire, among others.

In the brass section, we find Christophe Nègre (saxophones) and Eric Giausserand (trumpet), who have been seen alongside Eddy Mitchell, Johnny Halliday, Michel Sardou, and many others.

These collaborations have resulted in two self-produced albums, “Gonna make you shine” and “I’m coming”, the latest release, which outline a multi-faceted initiatory journey.

Let’s say the starting point is the blues, reaching out to a variety of universes, reminiscent of artists like Prince, Ben Harper, or Lenny Kravitz. For those seeking answers, the closest term is “fusion”.

The future is marked by creativity, and it’s undoubtedly with his new album, “I’m coming”, that Luc Blackstone aims to write the next chapters of his musical story.

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