Luc Blackstone

Songwriter, composer, bassist-singer
And the groove is within you…

My music can appeal to everyone as long as there’s a heart beating to set the rhythm.

New album :”I’m comming”, official release 13 Octobre 2023…


Songwriter and bassist with an irresistible groove, Luc Blackstone captivates with his warm voice, stage presence and inspiring charisma.

Influenced by such legends as Buddy Guy, John Mayer, Prince and Toto, his music is a magical fusion of blues and funk, rock, pop and swing.

Luc likes to say that his music can appeal to everyone, as long as “there’s a heartbeat to set the rhythm”…

Recognized by his peers, Luc Blackstone has performed alongside some of the world’s leading artists in Europe, the United States and other continents.

Among them, Zakya Hooker, Maurice John Vaughn, B.J. Emery, Donald Ray Johnson, Zora Young, Velvet McNair, Tre’ and Lady Kat, Tonton David, Tiken Jah Fakoly (TV), Mory Kante, Joseph Parsons, Gad Elmaleh, Kali (TV), Jack Bon and Mingo Balaguer.

It’s music that comes from the heart, a fusion of styles, free from barriers or confines.

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Tours Dates​

“Street Cats”, Luc Blackstone live from january 28, 2023


St Alban du Rhône (38)


Hall Blues Club – Pelussin (42)

Vous êtes passionné de Blues ? Le Hall Blues Club vous ouvre ses portes pour une soirée musicale inoubliable en compagnie de passionnés comme vous !


Semur-en-Brionnais (71)


Chauffailles (71)


Fort l’Ecluse (01)


Roc’ en Terres
à Tupin-et-Semons (69)


La Grange à Ranchal (69)

Latest Albums​

Luc Blackstone i m comming

I’m comming

Released: 15/10/2023
Label: self-production
Format: Digital Download, CD

Luc Blackstone gonna make you shine

Gonna make you shine

Released: 06/05/2021
Label: self-production
Format: Digital Download, CD

Luc Blackstone bassist
Luc Blackstone blues bassist
Luc Blackstone en concert
Luc Blackstone bassist singer
Luc Blackstone songwriter bassist

Contact for …

Don’t let the groove stop here! If you have any questions, want to organize an event, or simply share your feelings about Luc Blackstone’s music, fill out the form below. Luc and his team are eager to hear from you and will respond as soon as possible.

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